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“This company has the potential to change the landscape of global infertility. The INVO Bioscience team is positioned for success. Equipped with skills in finance, business, research, sales and marketing and a powerful new technology.”

John Heerdink


“INVOcell allows for a more efficient delivery of care, to a greater number of patients, over a shorter period of time. Patient satisfaction is improved for many reasons.”

Matthew Retzloff, MD


“INVOcell is a unique and innovative tool that makes lab life just a little easier. I am excited to be a part of the future of INVOcell”

Lisa Ray, MS EL/TS


“The embryos you get from the INVOcell are simply amazing. Very nice embryos.”

Tony Anderson


“Without INVOcell our long awaited, beloved daughter would not be here.”

Holly, Geoff and Hope


“INVOcell increases outcomes and decreases cost without ever compromising quality or safety. INVOcell is here to amplify the infertility market”

Francisco Arredondo MD, MPH, FACOG

Business Partner, Clinician

“INVOcell is a simple solution to provide people who may not have been able to afford or have access to it. I’m excited to open my INVOcell Center and look forward to a successful partnership.”

Sue Ellen Carpenter, MD

Business Partner, Clinician

It’s hard to believe our daughter started in one of these. This little device created such a big miracle.

Jonnie, Nate, and Iveigh


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