Intravaginal culture (IVC) is the process where a woman’s body acts as a natural incubator. The first and only FDA-cleared medical device for IVC, INVOcell® holds the eggs and sperm within the woman’s body during fertilization and early embryo development. A safe, intimate way for women to be connected right from the very beginning. With INVOcell, Life Begins Within™.

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INVOcell is a simple, safe device

The INVOcell’s inner chamber holds egg and sperm in a culture medium. Often clinicians use the ICSI procedure before placing them in the INVOcell. The inner chamber is then secured in the outer chamber which provides protection from contamination.

The INVOcell is then inserted through the vagina into the space below the cervix and is held in place with the retention device.

Per a recent study presented at ASRM, women experience little to no discomfort while carrying INVOcell.

The device features:

  • Inner chamber – holds the eggs and sperm
  • Outer chamber or culture device – provides protection from contamination
  • Retention device – ensures the device stays in place

Instructions For Use – US
Instructions For Use – Global

INVOcell offers a simple, straightforward process

INVOcell success rates are exceptional

For clinical pregnancy rates, INVOcell outcomes are comparable to IVF and more effective than IUI.

  • FDA Cleared
  • CE Marked

INVOcell 5-Day Success Rates

INVO Cycles INVO Cycles Conventional IVF
 Summary Data Day 5* Day 3 Day 5*
Total Cycle Starts 321 450 Not Avail
Total Transfers 240 421 685
Clinical Pregnancies % / Per cycle Start 42.7% 32.4% Not Avail
Birth Rate % / Per cycle Start 34.9% 23.8% Not Avail
Clinical Pregnancies % / Per Transfer 57.1% 34.7% 51.8%
Birth Rate % / Per Transfer 46.8% 25.4% 44.5%

*Retrospective (real-world data) collected from four separate clinics (2017-2019).  Not all conventional IVF was collected from the four clinics.  See updated Indication for Use (IFU) for additional details.

Consult your practitioner for further details.
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Great value for patients and clinicians

Intravaginal culture(IVC) using INVOcell plus a mild stimulation equals a streamlined experience and great value for clinicians and for patients.

Benefits for patients

  • Being intimately involved
  • Few injections
  • Minimal potential for side effects
  • Few visits to the doctor’s office
  • Few ultrasounds
  • Minimal blood work
  • Affordable price

Benefits for clinicians

  • Low initial investment
  • Minimal lab resources
  • Low overhead
  • New fertility treatment
  • Happy patients

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