SAN FRANCISCO, CA / February 9, 2022 / Today, the global fertility market is a multi-billion industry, yet remains severely underserved, with estimates suggesting more than 90% of couples in need of infertility treatment going without care. INVO Bioscience (NASDAQ:INVO), a commercial-stage fertility company focused on expanding access to advanced treatment worldwide with its INVOcell® medical device and the IVC procedure it enables, believes that its INVOcell and the IVC procedure are well suited to address existing industry capacity challenges and provide an affordable and effective fertility option for patients in need. Intravaginal culture (IVC) is the process where a woman’s body acts as a natural incubator. The first and only FDA-cleared, CE -marked medical device for IVC, INVOcell® (pictured below) holds the eggs and sperm within the woman’s body during fertilization and early embryo development. Through its in vivo approach, INVOcell offers patients a more natural and intimate experience with comparable results at a lower cost.

Last week, INVO Bioscience, Inc. (NASDAQ:INVO) provided a commercialization update stating that effective February 1, 2022, INVO regained full U.S. commercialization rights to its INVOcell technology, enabling the Company to sell directly into existing IVF clinics, to expand the number of INVO Centers, clinics that focus on patients in need of advanced fertility care utilizing the efficient, effective, and affordable INVOcell solution, free of any limitations, and to pursue its market expansion strategy focused on increasing access to care and democratizing fertility care for underserved patients. INVO Centers are believed to enjoy key advantages in the marketplace over current care options including: (a) lower startup costs – centers can be set up quickly and inexpensively within a relatively small footprint in urban, suburban, and rural areas, (b) higher capacity – centers are capable of performing far more cycles / embryologist, & (c) patent-protected device can be offered at an attractive cost to patients.

Currently, INVO Bioscience has three operating INVO Centers in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, & Monterey, Mexico. To learn more about INVO Bioscience’s progress & plans, please visit the Vista Partners’ website.

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Steve Shum
Chief Executive Officer

SOURCE: INVO Bioscience, Inc.

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