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Our mission is to increase worldwide access to advanced reproductive treatment. Our revolutionary technology, INVOcell, allows incubation to take place within the woman’s body. The lab and clinical efficiencies created by INVOcell increase capacity and reduce cost thus opening the door for more people to receive treatment. Our unique go-to-market approach includes clinicians who are expanding their fertility options, INVO Centers and IVF practices.

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Steve Shum
Chief Executive Officer

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Robert Blum

Lytham Partners


We're scaling globally

Full-service solution: Revolutionary technology combined with training, lab services and business support

Increase geographic availability and reduce cost to patients: Our simple procedure has limited infrastructure costs, allowing more clinicians to include INVOcell in their practices away from large metro areas. And in markets where there is significant out of pocket costs, they can pass those savings on to their patients.

Innovative Go-to-market strategy: By building INVOcell-only clinics, partnering with distributors, and offering INVOcell in current IVF clinics, OB/GYN offices and women’s health clinics we will gain market share, and disrupt the infertility space.

Our people: We are a team of smart, aggressive people backed by a strong board of directors, strategic consultants, & key partners.