“Embryo quality sets INVOcell apart from other procedures.”

Tony Anderson
Embryology Lab Director and Founder of EmbryoDirecor IVF Academy USA

INVOcell simplifies the process by enabling the time-consuming and labor-intense phase of incubation to take place in the woman’s body, not in the lab.
Embryologists prepare the sperm and oocyte and/or ICSI’d oocytes and place them into the INVOcell device. After the designated incubation period, the embryologists grade the embryos and prepare them for transfer back to the woman. This process takes about 15 minutes. Extra embryos can be cryopreserved.

Increase efficiency and capacity in the lab

Whether you’re a small lab or part of a larger facility, INVOcell improves the workflow and helps mitigate risk. And INVO Bioscience provides training and best practices.

  • Reduce risk of mixing up sperm, eggs, and embryos
  • Reduces number of witnessing steps
  • Requires fewer emails/phone calls on progress
  • Lowers maintenance on incubators and alarms
  • Requires fewer lab supplies

INVOcell is more efficient than IVF

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