At INVO Bioscience, we are democratizing fertility.

Our mission is to help people realize the dream of parenthood by increasing worldwide access to an efficient, effective, and connected experience in reproductive treatment.

Our revolutionary technology and our unique go-to-market approach makes this goal possible.

Intravaginal culture (IVC) is the process where a woman’s body acts as a natural incubator. The first and only FDA-cleared, CE -marked medical device for IVC, INVOcell® holds the eggs and sperm within the woman’s body during fertilization and early embryo development. A safe, intimate way for women to be connected right from the very beginning. With INVOcell, Life Begins Within™

Exceptional Outcomes

For clinical pregnancy rates, INVOcell outcomes are comparable to IVF and more effective than IUI.

  • FDA Cleared
  • CE Marked


More people can receive treatment.


Increases Capacity  – By increasing productivity in the lab, INVOcell enables clinicians to treat more people.


Reduces Cost  – The savings from reduced lab expenses and potentially lower stimulation may make INVOcell an affordable option for patients who pay out of pocket.


INVOcell is for you!

People choose INVOcell for many reasons: financial, cultural, personal, or emotional. Or they simply want the experience of being involved right from the very beginning. Additionally, it’s a great option for same-sex couples.

We’re looking for partners!

Keeping the patient at the center of what we do, we offer partnerships in a variety of business models to bring treatment where it’s needed. INVO Bioscience provides a high-quality fertility solution with fantastic outcomes at an affordable price. We offer full-service partnerships including resources, training, clinical and lab support. Join the movement to make fertility within reach for everyone!

What People are Saying About

We’re excited to hear from you! If you’re looking for more information about INVOcell or would like to partner with INVO Bioscience, reach out and we’ll get back to you.

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